Our Vision and Mission

Saginaw Valley Community Church is a community of believers that embraces people from every walk of life. We are a people who have received the message of God's Kingdom and have been set free to live a life of relationship with Jesus not bound by religious tradition.

This new life has created within us an insatiable desire for His manifest presence and for His word. Together we follow Christ and proclaim the good news of His Kingdom to our community, nation and world. As God enables us we reach out and save the lost, heal the sick, as well as to disciple and equip people. Our church is a house of prayer and worship; a sanctuary where hungry people can come to receive a touch from God and be equipped for ministry.

“...passion for God, love for people...”

  • Our passion for God leads us to seek after Him with desperate hearts, knowing that only in Him can we become complete.

  • Our love for people leads us to desire to become an apostolic center, to reach the lost, bring them to Christ and to disciple and equip them for release into the work of the ministry.

  • Our passion for God leads us to depend upon the Holy Spirit's power and on His ministry to draw us into intimacy with our Father through praise, worship and the power of His Word to enable us to become a house of prayer and a light to the community around us.

  • Our love for people brings a desire to strengthen marriage s, encourage families and raise up all ages -from the youngest to the eldest- to become mighty warriors of God. We desire a strong missions outreach, both locally and throughout the world, as He directs and we seek to partner with like-minded churches in the area to bring about His Kingdom in the Saginaw Valley and beyond.

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