Victory In Jesus

Eugene Bartlett

  Mark (G)

Verse 1:

   D                          D7               G                             D

I heard an old, old story how a Savior came from glory

               Bm                     D                E7                           A

How He gave His life on Calvary to save a wretch like me

   D                         D7                       G                         D

I heard about His groaning, of His precious blood atoning

         Bm              D                      A                    D

Then I repented of my sins and won the victory



    D                D7            G              D

O Victory In Jesus, my Savior forever

      Bm                   D                         E                       A

He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood

     D                      D7                     G                     D

He loved me ere I knew Him and all my love is due Him

      Bm                  D               A                              D

He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood


Verse 2:

   D                         D7                     G                             D

I heard about His healing of His cleansing power revealing

               Bm                        D                       E7                              A

How He made the lame to walk again and caused the blind to see

        D                              D7                       G                         D

And then I cried, “Dear Jesus, come and heal my broken spirit”

        Bm                     D                                  A                 D

And somehow Jesus came and brought to me, the victory


Verse 3:

   D                      D7                      G                       D

I heard about a mansion He has built for me in glory

          Bm                       D                         E7                        A

And I heard about the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea

   D                          D7                     G                         D

I heard the angels singing and the old redemption story

         Bm                          D                           A                 D

And some sweet day I’ll sing up there the song of victory